Strain Review-Kimbo Kush #1 from Grant Pharms

Life is a constant wave of experiences, making valleys in your low points and mountains with the good times. A constant wave of energy to which all of life’s emotions and ideas are created from. So with that understood, what does that mean for us as individuals? Life will not stop for you or alter its course of action. Life is unforgiving, so you must prepare yourself for the bullshit and the rough times, no matter how long they may seem to last.

I’m currently in one of those valleys in my life and reflecting back on the last few interactions that led me here, I don’t think I was in much control. Life just seems to be taking me on a ride, looking for any opportunity to royally screw me over.  And it’s doing a pretty great job at that. Hoping to put my mind at ease and try and relax through the bad times at hand, I headed out to Grant Pharms to check out some of their top shelf flower. The atmosphere in the dispensary is very upscale and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

kimbo kush 2

John the Budtender highly recommended the Kimbo Kush and I just couldn’t resist the beautiful nugs he was showing me. Huge buds of flower with some weighing in well over a quarter in weight.  The flower had a beautiful light green color and was beautifully decorated with THC Crystals galore. The type of nug that truly gives you an appreciation for the beautiful specimen that cannabis is. As soon as I got home and opened my jar of goodies, the smell overwhelmed my nose with a delicious fruity scent that seemed like a mix of lemon and berry.

The taste seemed to match the nugs amazing appearance and smell, smoking through smoothly with a healthy sign of white ash at the end of the session. The flavors stay on your tongue for a few minutes after exhale and the effects are quickly felt in the body.

kimbo kush 3

The indica dominant hybrid is a powerful body relaxer and worked wonders in helping to calm my anxious outlook. About a bowl and a half into my session, the problems I was stressing about seemed to melt away and I was left with a very easy going and manageable high. While I didn’t get the punch in the face that I was expecting from a strain named after the great Kimbo Slice, it did get the job done and was a very mellow and comforting indica strain.

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