Shatter Review- Violator Kush

With another semester rolling ahead at full speed, my daily schedule is back to being way too busy for one individual. Between two part-time jobs, school, and blog writing in my free time, it’s safe to say that I truly don’t have a life outside of working. Sometimes that’s a great thing, other times it’s not so great. In need of something to help relieve some stress and remind myself to slow down a bit, I headed down to Rocky Road Dispensary in Colorado Springs, in search of a heavy indica concentrate. After looking through the selection available, I settled on a beautiful slab of Violator Kush, a Hindu Kush derivative that has become a popular strain among indica lovers.


The gram had a quality amber tent and had a bit of a spicy undertone when the smell hits your nose.  As I took my first dab I could feel my body loosen up upon exhale and instantly I knew I had made a good choice in picking up the Violator Kush.  The concentrate had a very clean taste and definitely presented some earthy terpenes in the flavor profile. I don’t think I coughed one time during my entire session with this strain, so that was definitely something to be noted.  About three dabs in I could start feeling the high in my head but the main focus of this strain definitely is its body relaxing effects. By the time I knew it, I had been couch locked for about an hour and a half and time was flying by. It was great to get a break from the monotony of day to day life and the violator definitely helped in letting those exterior stresses fade away.


I think I might go ahead and try a heavy sativa next time i find myself in Rocky Road. Mainly because I think sativa is what i truly love about the cannabis high. I like the raciness and creativity created within sativa strains, indica’s just don’t seem to stack up in my opinion. If you have some time to kill and you want to chill out for a few hours, I highly recommend checking out this Violator Kush.  It definitely didn’t let me down, however, I should of stuck with my gut and got a sativa dominate strain. Maybe even a hybrid. Either way, it was a cool to see the other side of the plant for a quality indica session.

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