Strain Review- Sour Amnesia Live Resin

Waking up at four in the morning is never a fun time and it doesn’t help if the reason is to take your mother to the hospital for surgery. That was the situation I found myself in on the morning of this review, not the best mind state for writing but you can’t stop life from happening. As I drop off my mom at her appointment, a procedure that is going to take almost the entire day, I decided to head home and try out the brand new Sour Amnesia live resin that I picked up from the Tree House in Colorado Springs.  This only being the second strain of live resin that I had ever tried, I was intrigued by what it had to offer and excited to experience the full potentiality of their concentrates.

As I was inquiring about the testing results on their flower, the kind budtender at The Tree House informed me on some of their highest testing strains. I stopped her when she said that their Sour Amnesia came in at nearly 27% THC. I quickly asked to see any concentrates they had available in the same strain and she returned with a beautiful looking sample of the Live Resin they had blown by Colorado’s Best Dabs. I was easily impressed by the beautiful color and extremely pungent smell, so I picked up a gram of it along with a few other very tasty looking concentrates. The genetics of this strain are derived from cross breeding Sour Diesel, one of my all-time favorite strains, with Amnesia, forming the super potent sativa called Sour Amnesia. I knew the powerful sativa properties would help wake me up for the rest of my day, so I clicked on my E-nail and got prepared for a very heady morning session.


The smell of the concentrate has the very recognizable diesel smell and instantly the scent invades my nostrils and smacks my senses. The scent lingers in the air after opening the jar and it’s hard to keep from going back and smelling some more. As I take my first dab and begin to get a taste for the strain on inhale and exhale, the first thing that comes to mind is that it tastes exactly like it smells. It’s almost alarming at how similar it tastes to the smell and it also had a very clean hit to go along with it’s delicious flavor. If you like a strong sour diesel at all, I highly recommend you checking out this strain.

As is common with most diesel strains, the high was extremely heady and mind altering. After my second dab I could instantly feel the lightness in my head and my overall mood quickly improved. I instantly went from being a bit groggy and irritable from my drive, to a genuine sense of happiness and a powerful feeling that everything was going to be alright.  Already dealing with the stress of taking my mother to surgery and awaiting her safe recovery, my mind state was in a surprisingly good mood. It’s common on sativa strains for me to get a sense of nostalgia in my high, and this one was powerful. Maybe it was playing off of my worry for my mom, but an overwhelming flood of good memories came pouring through my mind and the day flew by as finally got the call that my mom was done with her procedure and ready to be visited. Dealing with a stressful situation such as this one, I knew I needed something that would lift me up. I choose correctly with the Sour Amnesia and I highly recommend you making your way to The Tree House to try it for yourself.

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