Strain Review- Northern Lights

A new year a new me, that is the cliché that everyone recites for the first two weeks of January, or at least until they realize they have already fallen back into their old habits. This year I plan to work on my writing more seriously than ever before. I plan on listening to tons more music and will probably smoke the same amount of weed I smoke every year ( It’s A lot, don’t worry). Hopefully the quality of this years buds will be the best of the best.  As I got back from the holiday break and back into my daily work schedule, I headed out to my neighborhood Livwell dispensary to check out their top shelf strains of flower, and to use my reward points that I had acquired from shopping on previous visits. Checking out their selection I was impressed by a few different strains, the Jacks Flash the Northern Lights both seemed to jump off of the shelf and into my nose. I picked up a half eighth of each strain and headed home a happy customer. Due to new regulations in the Colorado system dispensaries are now required to test the THC content of all of their strains. While I am aware some of the best strains in the state are coming in around 25-28%, the top strains at Livwell were finding it hard to hit 20 % THC content.

For the review, I choose to do do the classic strain in northern lights, a well-known legend in the stoner community. A 60/40 Indica Dominant hybrid, this strain from Livwell looked like it was grown beautifully and had a strong earthy green color.  The nugs were the perfect kind of denseness that I look for in an Indica strain. The taste of this flower was hard to put my tongue on, but the earthy undertones seemed to be overtaken by the sweet tang at the end of the exhale. As I blew out the third hit from my bong, my attention was immediately drawn to the fact that I had not coughed once. The smoke was extremely smooth and pleasant for an early wake and bake session.


After the first bowl I was overcome with a sudden calmness in the high. The head shift was subtle but easy to identify. As my second bowl came to an end my body was in complete relaxation and the indica effects were taking hold.  The high was very even keel as it followed me throughout my day. While a bit let down at the unimpressive numbers that the THC count showed, I was very pleased with the duration and quality of the high. I probably will stick with my normal dispensaries that I know can produce strains that test in at over 20 % THC, but this wasn’t a bad dip into Livwell’s premium selection. If do ever find myself back inside of a Livwell however, I will probably end up walking out with some of the Snoop Dogg Leafs brand as it is something that has eyed my attention since its release.

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