Strain Review-Bordello Review

Today’s morning began with some Bordello shatter, processed from Emeralds City Wellness by Dabble Co. I was drawn to pick this up because I had already purchased the Bordello flower from Emerald City and was thoroughly impressed. The budtenders mentioned that the flower tested around the 28% THC range, an impressive stat alone to matches its wonderful taste. My previous experience with the flower made me excited to try the shatter, so I jumped at the chance to get it when I saw they had it in stock. Smoking in the early mornings (Around 5 or 6 AM) is my absolute favorite time to smoke. The wake and bake is amazing and I feel like it really sets the tone for how the rest of the day is going to go. Needless to say, my morning went very well with the help of this bordello shatter.


While the background info had a lot to do with why I was getting this strain, the look of the shatter was also a key driving factor in picking it up. The concentrate was the beautiful golden color that cannabis connoisseurs have come to love. The slab was thick and had a solid form to its texture, it wasn’t too hard which usually results in the shatter breaking off your dabber. Frustrating times for everyone. Individual dabs were easy to break off, but the thickness made it a little difficult to get a small one. The first dab had a delicious initial taste and had a bit of a pepper like flavor to it. Instantly relieving the tension behind my eyes, I quickly was put into a great state of mind and I could feel the stress begin to melt away.


The high was extremely heady and lasted for a quality 3 to 4 hours. My favorite type of high is the sativa that gets your thoughts racing and the creative gears turning, so this bordello was right up my alley in terms of effects. It relieved the tension throughout my body while also blasting my head and forcing me to ride out the sudden wave of anxiety that crept over me as I prepared to make it into work on the third hour of the high.  I made it through the work day and decided what a better way to unwind but more bordello? It’s safe to say I liked the strain a lot and will definitely keep an eye out for it on future trips to Emerald City. It may say indica on its listing, but from first-hand experience I can tell you it has some heady effects as well. Definitely pick some up if you’re ever in need on the west side of Colorado Springs.

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