Jon Bellion-The Human Condition

Finally the debut album, The Human Condition, is out. An ultimate journey through the sonorous sounds and the vivid imagery of Jon Bellion’s artistic mind. It is everything we could imagine. An album where he clearly defines the human condition. If there isn’t a tug on at least one of your heart’s string then you may not be listening to the same album.

The album is a true dedication to whom Jon Bellion has and will always be, the thoughts and places that make him up. A great reflection of the character that Jon shows throughout The Human Condition was also shown through Twitter after the debut of the album.  It was after the drop of the album that Jon decided to make many thank you’s tweets and on the list included people like Mylon Hayde, Travis Mendes, Rob Vanbornel, Mark williams, Rail Cubina and most importantly his family which included his mother, father, siblings and grandmother.

Those acknowledgements speak great volumes of just how much The Human Condition means to him. Simultaneously  die hard fans and listeners are teleported into the mind of Jon Bellion. He sings and throws down a couple bars about his humble beginnings and how although everything is changing around him, including the amount of money in his bank account, “He Is The Same.”


  1. “He is the Same.”

This song is Jon’s way of telling his fans, friends and family that even after all the success and fame “he is the same”. He is the same kid he was back in high school, with a great jump shot, he is the same son, same brother and same friend with the same values and morals.

Just a friendly reminder that although he has been through a lot things are in fact the same.

  1. “80’s films”

The instrumentation has that classic 80s vibe mixed with a more modern approach,  simple chord progressions and that signature Jon Bellion sound, along with a killer guitar solo after the bridge. This song captures the 80’s drive in mindset of staying out late and just being carefree with a new age spin and production.

   3.“All Time Low”

Released quite a while before the album, “All Time Low” is about one of Jon’s lost lovers, and it’s a way for him to admit some mistakes he made. Apart from a great song, Bellion also does his best to provide us a great visual art. Giving homage to Simon and Garfunkel “The Boxer.”

  1. “New York Soul Pt.II”

Homage is also paid to Jon Bellion’s home of New York. Rather than the slow pensive and melancholy sound that is featured on the first installment of New York Soul, Jon Bellions takes a more funky upbeat approach to the sequel. Not just another wonderful track with beautiful vocals but also comes with solid bars




Jon Bellion brings us back down in this beautiful track. The special ballad is emotional and moving in all of the right ways. Expressing that there is a void that money can’t buy.  Inspiring all to go bigger in everything we do in life, and to never stop chasing your dreams not just the money.


  1. “Maybe IDK”

Jon questions his relationships with not only himself, but with those around him and with the world in general. However through the resounding hook/chorus, he finds solace in his faith and acknowledges that a part of life is not knowing what’s in store for you but trusting in God’s plan. This is an inspiring and monumental song with an orchestra of sounds blending together and separately creating a beautiful and connecting feel.jonjon2

“Maybe IDK” really relates to any individual who has had a t
ime where you are insecure of your future and not sure of what might come next. It emphasizes the importance of having these doubts and possibly not knowing in order to create hope or faith. The song really resonates with the heart and allows any individual to connect and understand that we are not alone in our search and questions that we constantly ponder.


  1. “Woke the Fuck up”

When you realized you messed up and you wake up from whatever dream you thought you were having and now know you need her more than anything — that’s this song. Considering this song was released in 2015, we’re very happy it made it onto the album.


Is the catchy tune that will steal hearts and fill your head with the same dopamine released by just being with a significant other. Jon gives the perspective of what it might be like to be in tune with one so much that it’s unbelievably overwhelming. Giving the acuity of how infatuated with a person you can be, especially someone to lean on and express the struggles of life with. Simply someone who understands.


  1.  “Weight Of The World ft. Blaque Keyz

Jon describes a time when he was going through a difficult time of his life. Negativity and temptation led Jon to consider ending his life, but he miraculously found God who saved him. Though Jon cannot bear the weight of the world alone, he still manages to live out his life because God is by his side to lift up the weight of the world from his back.

For those that have ever felt lost, alone or even hopeless this song is the journey through transformation and understanding to grow and understand that there is always more to live for especially with the help of god. Understanding he can’t ascend to where he intends to go without letting go of the weight of the world.

  1. “Good In Me”

Starts with a very space song counting down and taking listeners to a different place in Jon’s mind. The song indicates that jon will obviously always love this girl who drains him of his morals and foundational beliefs.  Even if his guard is down for one moment she will truly get her hands on his goodness to take. A song about knowing what’s not good for you but being tempted.

  1. “Morning in America”

This songs takes an interesting and honest approach on what the “average american life is.” We make big deals out of nothing, live up to others expectations and pretend everything is going just peachy in our life. We are always pretending that we aren’t out of control but everyone knows the truth based on their own lives.

  1. “IRobot”

As the album nears its end, “iRobot” is a prime example of how an unfortunate relationship can take a toll on a person — including making them more closed off, almost robot like.

  1. “Guittine ft. Travis Mendes”

The first single we were graced with is still one of the most memorable tracks by Jon. The edgy beat is very unique and it’s no surprise that Jon knows how to make solid tunes with clever lyrics.



  1. “Hand’s Of God”

This ultimate ending to the album sees Jon trusting in God’s plan for his life, that He is guiding him, no matter what obstacles are ahead. Jon Bellion’s creativeness is shown through the production and the ending of the song when he adds the crucial lines of various tracks throughout the album and is even accompanied by the same 30 person choir that worked on Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” “Hands Of God” makes a conclusive ending to this courageous and inspiring journey.


“When you’re lost in the universe, lost in the universe. Don’t lose faith.”


Jon makes pop music, which is generally perceived as not being very meaningful with just catchy, repeating lyrics. However, Jon’s songs and lyrics are not like most pop. Every track is made with his unique touch- cheeky, relatable yet profound lyrics, incredible instrumentals and a soft voice that never fails to sooth us. The Human Condition is a superb album by Jon Bellion. An album that perfectly represents his philosophies, experiences, and persona as a whole. Throughout the album he outlines all of the New York influences and displays his ability to flow so effortlessly. Jon Bellion is a musician in the purest form. The Human Condition is surely an album to capture the mind and heart of all. Make sure to be up to date with Jon’s new The Human Condition’s Tour!


To listen to full album


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