Album Review: The Growing Process by Dizzy Wright

The Growing Process is the latest full-length album from up and coming hip-hop artist Dizzy Wright.  The 24 year old Wright has been rapping for a large part of his life so his growing process has definitely been  a long road. From hanging around with Bone thugs and Harmony as a kid, due to his mom being their road manager, to headlining a touring and being an important member of the Funk Volume Label dizzy has seen it all.  Raised on the streets of  Las Vegas Wright is always quick to shout out his city and the town that made him into the man he is.

The Growing Process is truly the best name for this album at this point in Wrights Career because he is at the point at which if he doesn’t continue to grow and evolve with his fans, it could all be gone.  The production on this album stays with a pretty constant vibe, with a balance between spacey hard hitting beats  and groovy melodic tunes. There are many different instruments such as Horns and drums that can be heard throughout the album.  In terms of producers, the album brings in a different beat maker on every song while still staying constant with the album.

In terms of lyrics and the message behind this album, Dizzy Wright has a clear message on what he believes in. He wants his words to inspire the youth to find the good in kindness and positivity in all facets of life. You can hear this message very  clear in the  soulful album intro “Higher Learning”  in which Wright spits, ” I heard they praised me for being real but I don’t feel the support.”  This song explains his growth so far and where he sees it going in the future while at the same time confronting fans that critique  artist on anything other than their body of work.  On ” God Bless America ” Wright enlists two huge names like Tech Nine and Big K.R.I.T to deliver some amazing verses on overcoming the odds of life and becoming unshackled from our oppressors. In my opinion, this is one of the strongest songs on the album and Wright ends his verse with the insightful idea that ” everything you need in this  life you live  will come at the perfect time.” In terms of other features, Dizzy keeps it in the labels circle on explaining myself a track that features all four members of Funk Volume spitting a verse.  To top it off Wright recruits his close family friends Krayzie Bone for ” Don’t ever Forget” and Layzie Bone for “Regardless.”

The Subject matter on this album can definitely be a bit broader in topics as it stays mostly on the ideas of individuality, positivity, and stoner melodies to ride too. The album is riddled with these stoner melodies which are fine in doses but after six different smoking cuts  it somewhat waters down the rest of the message. The singles on this album did a good job of building hype for this album, “I Can Tell You Needed” is a very relatable song for many listeners and smooth to listen to despite a lackluster verse from Berner.  “Floyd Money Mayweather” is the banger they wanted for sure, however, it feels somewhat out of place placed on this album.

I gave this album a very solid three and a half star rating out of five. It’s a strong project in terms of things we have already come to expect from Dizzy Wright. While powerful messages are sprinkled throughout and at the core of this album it sometimes felt like switching from listening to an insightful rapper on one side and the playful stoner on the other.  Hip-hop is a growing process and this is Dizzy Growing into himself and looking for a balance between partying, relaying a message, and being relatable.  Like he says on “will it last” He’s just trying to balance out what he’s rapping about because as soon as you go too far one way you start losing fans.

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