WATCH: Vic Mensa and Kanye West’s “U Mad” video

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Vic Mensa and Kanye West teamed up on the banger “U Mad,” and they finally unveiled the visuals Tuesday.

The video shows Mensa wilding out shirtless solo and with his crew amid flying sparks, bathed in red light. Once Kanye arrives on the scene, Mensa breaks out of the straight jacket and riots against police.

The Grant Singer-directed video has Kanye’s stamp on it. If you combine his performance from the 2015 Brit Awards with the “Mercy” video and his 2015 Billboard Music Awards performance, you have this video.

Also, let’s talk fashion. Kanye is obviously no stranger to the world of clothing and couture, and his DONDA shirt in the video is lit. Mensa’s lace shirt is a little avant garde for my taste, but hip hop continues to be one of the most stylishly outlandish arena for fashion.

The song, which was released in April, is Mensa’s second official collab with Kanye…

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