818 Headband Shatter Review from Green & Healthy Wellness

Green & healthy Wellness (GHW)  is a local Colorado Springs dispensary that just recently was taken over by new managers.  It is located on the Westside of town near Westside Tattoo,  right off of Colorado Ave and 21 St.  The business card for their dispensary states their the ” 719 710 Head Quarters” so I was excited to see what kind of concentrates they had to offer.   The location has a convenient parking lot out front and is decorated with a beautiful graffiti painting along the front side of the building.  In my two recent times of going to the dispensary, I have had the same friendly and knowledgeable bud Tender Jhon. He is well versed in his concentrates and is always playing really good music, which is something I really enjoyed about this dispensary.  The atmosphere is very inviting and friendly.   The Buds looked pretty good; however, the concentrates selection is what I was there for.


GHW chooses to wholesale through Terpx concentrates, one of my favorite third party suppliers.  They stock nug run shatter and wax as well as trim run shatter and wax, at extremely good prices. For members trim run is 20$ a gram and 35$ a gram for nug run, and for members it is 25$ a gram for the trim run and 40$ a gram for nug run.  This is about 10$ cheaper than most places in the springs sale Terpx concentrates for.

       On my visit I picked up 818 Headband out of the 3 selections given. This 818 Headband was a hybrid strain that was heavier on the sativa side. This shatter had a very beautiful color and smell after opening the container. The smell reminded me of a strong indicia like OG Kush and hit me right in the face.  The color was a beautiful amber color, which is usually a sign of very clean shatter.  The taste was reminiscent of a pungent diesel with hints of a piney taste. It was a very smooth hit and adds to the color to confirm that it was very clean shatter, which is usually all you get from great distributors like Terpx.  The High was very good at inducing munchies and was a great combination of both body and head highs.  In terms of duration it stayed with me pretty well, and could still feel the couple dabs I took about three hours later.

This strain worked very well as a hybrid and I would suggest it for anyone looking for a great concentrate for an even better price.  I am definitely happy to have the new management that took over GHW because they are making it a point to be very competitive in both the bud and concentrates scene.  Their prices are hard to beat and on top of that they match it with some of the best quality concentrates in town.


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