Mixtape Review: Wav. Theory by Towkio

Towkio previously known as Towkio Sean is a rising hip-hop artist from Chicago and is a part of the very talented young group of artist that calls themselves the  SaveMoney Army.   While Towkio has been around the past couple of years he has seen close friends Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa blow up to stardom status.  While I’m sure he is extremely excited for his friends, you can bet it adds fuel to his fire and makes him want to push the envelope even more.   With only one previous project, a  five song  EP, Towkio does not have much of a catalog to check out, but this WAV. Theory tape definitely adds a solid cohesive project to his work.  This tape has been a thought in Towkios head since he first started rapping, and it took more than two years for it to fully come together.

Energy,  frequencies, and love are a common theme throughout the tape and represent the questions Towkio has about how the universe as a whole works in tandem with us as human beings. This tape was executive produced by Chance The Rapper and the Social  Experiment who along with other SaveMoney artist shows up all over throughout the project. The Intro song “Wav. Theory ” is produced by the social experiment and has Towkio singing a eight line bar explaining  his Wav Theory, which states that we are shaping  the earth with our minds and in turn control everything that affects it.  “I know You” was the first single dropped from the tape all the way back in August of 2013 and it is a good representation of the mood throughout the album. It has Towkio rapping three high energy verses over a soulful beat produced by FKJ.  As the Chorus states Towkio knows the female he is speaking to throughout the song can feel the same energy and connection between each other as he does, which ultimately ties back into his Wav. Theory.  A huge reason for this project finally dropping after two years of SaveMoneys fan base growing,  is the success of “Heaven only knows”  a single he released with Chance on Soundcloud.  Before the mixtape dropped “Heaven only knows”  had six and a half million plays and was getting huge for Towkio.

This tape works together very well with the high energy dance beats and a truly happy vibe, which is something Towkio emphasized in a recent interview with Red Eye Chicago. Finding a way to be happy in this often cruel and unfair world is a difficult task that Towkio has seemed to master because of the questions he asks about both himself and the universe.   Features on the tape are kept solely to his Save Money friends so the influences of already talented artists like Vic and Chance are seen throughout.  On the Track “God in Me” Towkio enlists Leather Corduroys for a bass heavy banger to ride around too and get your aggression out, which is definitely a switch up for this project; however, it works together well.

This was a very good first full length project for Towkio and it definitely makes me excited for what the future has in store for him.  The Entire Save Money group as a whole is bursting with talent all waiting for their chance to display it to the world. It looks like Towkio is next up to blow and with the help of the Save Money Army,  these young Chicago kids are helping bring back creativity and innovation and restore hip-hop to greatness.savemoney

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