The Tree House White Mousse Shatter: Dirtnap

On my Christmas Eve I got the day started with some White Mousse Shatter from the Treehouse in Colorado Springs. The Treehouse is a small quaint dispensary located on the westside of the city. They have about a 12 strain selection on flower, and a small  selection between some local shatter retailers. So a plethora of choices may not always be handy, but  all of the quality is great.  No top shelf to bottom shelf difference, just one great price for quality flower and concentrates. The Treehouse is an all around awesome dispensary and I would recommend anyone to check them out.

After unwrapping the shatter I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a beautiful golden amber shard in which I could almost see through. After taking a picture and setting up the bong, I sized up a hefty first dab.  It has a really smooth smoke with a hint of a piney taste. A heavy weight behind my eyess came almost instantly making me a little tired.  The bud tender had said that it was a Indicia which I can most definitely agree too, because I was couch locked. It’s not that I couldn’t get up, it’s just I didn’t want to because my body had a fantastic feeling of relaxation. Along with the couch lock qualities this strain also uplifts your mood and gives the ability for some good retrospection. All in all this was a great deal for the price for sure. At only 25 dollars tax included, you can’t bet that price anywhere in town, and it’s just as good of quality. It won’t blow you away, but it gets the job done.

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