Strain Review: Super Lemon Haze ( New Age Medical)

Today I got the chance to head over to New Age medical’s Garden of the Gods location and give their Super lemon Haze a try.  This is a strain many people have heard about throughout the years and it has become a classic strain. The genetics come from the crossing of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, making it a sativa dominant  hybrid. New Age Medical was previously known as Humboldt Wellness Center, has been serving the west side community for over 3 years and strives on providing excellent quality medicine.  They have an awesome staff and also stay constant with some really good prices.

When I opened up the jar as I got back home on my couch an instant smell of citrus overwhelmed my nostrils. The taste has a very lemon type aftertaste, which obviously comes from the potent Lemon Skunk strain it is derived from. It’s a very tasty smoke for sure.  At first glance of this flower you notice the very light green dense buds with short orange hairs. These buds are covered in THC crystal from top to bottom and it is truly a beautiful specimen to look at it.  This bud is a lot denser than your usual sativa and that is definitely a plus to this strain.

The first thing i noticed with this strain is the strong heady effects you would expect from a sativa. After the first hit I can feel it settle in under my eyes and begin to relieve some tension and stress.  The onset is very fast, so no real creep up high effect with this strain. There’s not too much body effects other than general relaxation, but for a sativa it is very effective. It’s a focused high that doesn’t make you drift out  but its generally uplifting. The smoke was a little harsh, but that is expected with potent sativa strains and the high stayed steady for a good amount of time.  This would definitely be a great strain to start the day off with a light session.

Overall i rate this strain a 8 out of 10 because it really is a great sativa type of high. Its extremely potent and definitely worth trying out for any weed connoisseurs of the area.  All in all this was an awesome start to my work day, and I can’t wait to see what other great strains New Age Medical will release.


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