Strain Review: Pirates Booty from LivWell

Pirates Booty is a hybrid strain from LiveWell cannabis, purchased from their Nevada location. This strain is a part of their top shelf or platinum jar buds, which means it is one of the dispensaries strongest. The staff there was extremely friendly and always has been every time I’ve went. They actually just started making their own strain specific shatter, and I’m extremely excited to try it. The top shelf at this LivWell is a display of extremely beautiful flower, that are all very potent. I was sad I had to only choose one, but definitely satisfied I choose Pirates Booty.

This flower is truly beautiful with a very dense light green core. Orange hairs cover the buds and THC crystals look like their coated onto the buds. The first thing I noticed after a few hits from a bong was the onset of a heaviness in the back of my eyelids. The strain gives off nice milky hits that flowed through the lungs smoothly, hardly any coughing. Even though it is a hybrid strain I found it leans toward the sativa side much more. It reminded me a lot of a Zeta Sage type feeling. My thoughts often drifted easily giving me the feeling of being lost in my head. My girlfriend also felt the powerful heady effects, commenting ” when did I get this” moments after being passed the bong and zoning out for awhile. While the sativa effects were prominent the indica was not null and void, I had a very nice body high as well. As I sat on the couch watching TV I could feel the pressure in my body taken away and a nice sense of calmness overtook. Some may call this being couch locked, but I like to give the common stoner lingo a little pizzazz.

Overall this strain is everything a hybrid strain should be. It can be used by the medical patients seeking some pain relief, or the recreational person searching for a stress reliever. I truly enjoyed this strain and would recommend it to anyone. It’s not going to be the best pain relieving strain however you can most definitely feel both indica and sativa affects. I rate it at a 9 out of 10 and actually plan to pick up some more of this great strain in the near future.


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  1. I actually picked up a clone of this a few weeks ago and she is growing VERY rapidly. I heard her parents are actually the pure Northern Lights indica strain crossed back with Northern Lights #5 to make it a Sativa dominant hybrid. I can’t really find much more about this strain. Do you have any grow info or anything else to note?


    1. PS: I realize that what I’ve read and subsequently posted here is confusing as two indica parents don’t make a sativa, which is why I’ve been digging so hard for information. Anything helps. Thanks! 😀


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