Logic’s Under Pressure: Album Review

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II AKA logic is an American based hip hop artist from Maryland. He has released Four official mixtapes starting with ” Young Broke and Infamous” in 2010. The next three mixtapes to come would all be a part of the Sinatra collection, and all three would gain critical acclaim. In 2013 He was signed by Def Jam Records after talking with No I.D. A year later on October 21, 2014 his debut album Under pressure was released by  Def Jam.

The album starts out with a very upbeat intro in which logic melodically rhymes over a set of up tempo horns. It starts off strong lyrically with great lines like but im not defined by the sales in my first week/ cause in my mind only way I fail is if my verse weak. Logic continues to exploit his raw lyrical ability throughout the entire tape, especially in songs like gang related. As the darkest beat on the tape comes on logic starts out rapping from his perspective and how he views his hometown in Maryland. The second verse of gang related switches to his brothers perspective, an active street hustler who tells vivid stories of the struggle one endures growing up on the street; Selling crack to my own pops/ pushing weight on my own block. Or in the Song Nikki in which logic uses nicotine and a relationship as a metaphor for an entire song.  These are the moments on this album where logic really surprises some people with his creativity and technical skill.

Logic also makes an effort to relate with his fans by revealing some very personal information about his family and his interactions with them. On Under Pressure there were three verses added to the single version in which he goes into detail about his family. The first verse is from the perspective of his sister who has recently gotten out of an abusive relationship and seeks logic’s comfort, however does not find it as easy to get due to her brothers new-found success. The song then switches to his father’s story of how he would like to be a bigger part of his son’s life now, while at the same time requesting his son to stop speaking on his personal drug use publicly  because he is clean now. It’s a very powerful song that definitely shows a side of glamour many artist choose to ignore, and logic speaks on these personal issues not only in that song but throughout the whole album.

Under Pressure builds upon the cult fan base logic already has while also leaving room to gain many new fans. He displays his ability to make a single on buried alive, while still keeping every song innovative and lyrically strong. This truly a great album that I can see being a contender for an Album of the Year Award. This is a great introduction for the world to meet logic and showcase the insane amount of lyrically talent he has. I rate this as a 10 out of 10 because it gives listeners everything a proper hip hop album should. Strong production quality with songs that have powerful content and storytelling. The future looks very bright for a young logic who is in the perfect place to capitalize on his rising success.

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