Tree of Wellness Sativa Gold Shatter Review

Tree of Wellness is a local dispensary here in Colorado Springs. It’s a fantastic store to visit, with high quality products in flower, concentrates, and edibles. They have won multiple awards in Culture magazine, including best edible for their in-house sky chews and multiple concentrate awards. October 22nd, 2014 marks the date of their 5 year anniversary, and they celebrated with a great sell on their top quality concentrates.I purchased their Sativa Gold Shatter and this Shatter usually runs for 40$ a gram, however with this sell that runs until October 26th, 2014; mine cost me 28$ a very good deal.

At first glance this shatter has a beautiful amber tint to it and a quality texture. The smoke is a little harsh, but tolerable for large dabs. The high from this shatter however did impress me. It’s not as heady as I would like a sativa shatter to be however I think it’s a great product. The high lasted me well into 3 hours and peaked at a comfortable point. It’s got some of the heady affects one associates a sativa to have, however it also leaves your body very calmed. It’s not the strain specific, that some connoisseur would like to see however it hold up very well in its quality to every other dispensary in town.

All in all I would rate this shatter as an A minus rating. It’s a great product in my opinion, but tree of wellness may not be the place to go for the person seeking strain specific shatter. Tree of Wellness makes up for that by offering extremely good quality flower and edibles, and their strains are rarely out of stock. I highly recommend checking them out, they have a great staff and an an awesome selection of quality medicine.076

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  1. They absolutely do have strain specific. Some that may be included are sour grape, C4/amnesia haze, sky walker/giga bud, amnesia, Durban poison. The strain specifics are brought in depending a on inventory and the regular indica, sativa, hybrids blends are meant to be on shelf at all times. They also carry straight CBD oil.


    1. i apologize for the mis information that is entirely my fault. this was actually my first post and i did it rather briefly and unprofessional. Thanks for taking the time to correct this, and i will definitely update a newer version with this information. i just must not of been presented with the strain specific on my visit. I should have done the journalist thing to do and get more research before publishing.


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