Album Review-Blkswn by Smino

Last week, two of my favorite up and coming artists in Smino and J.I.D both released their debut projects. St.Louis artist  Smino first caught my attention when I saw him open up for the Mick Jenkins concert in Denver and has now finally released his debut project “Blkswn” on March 15th, 2017.  The high energy singer... Continue Reading →

Album Review- The Iceberg by Oddisee

The Iceberg is the latest offering from 32 year old Emcee, Odissee, a talented artist who has slowly found his place as one of the most consistent artists in the industry right now. His 2015 album, The Good Fight made it's way atop nearly every best of list including mine, and he has seemingly only... Continue Reading →

Shatter Review- Violator Kush

With another semester rolling ahead at full speed, my daily schedule is back to being way too busy for one individual. Between two part-time jobs, school, and blog writing in my free time, it’s safe to say that I truly don’t have a life outside of working. Sometimes that’s a great thing, other times it’s... Continue Reading →

Strain Review- Northern Lights

A new year a new me, that is the cliché that everyone recites for the first two weeks of January, or at least until they realize they have already fallen back into their old habits. This year I plan to work on my writing more seriously than ever before. I plan on listening to tons... Continue Reading →

Strain Review-Bordello Review

Today’s morning began with some Bordello shatter, processed from Emeralds City Wellness by Dabble Co. I was drawn to pick this up because I had already purchased the Bordello flower from Emerald City and was thoroughly impressed. The budtenders mentioned that the flower tested around the 28% THC range, an impressive stat alone to matches... Continue Reading →

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